Posted by: T.D. Inoue | May 10, 2011

What’s The Point?

This post is not what you think it is.

What’s The Point? Glad you Asked!

The point is the single person who’s mission is to ensure the success of a given project. They are the focus of activity around a project. The Point is like the product evangelist and product manager rolled into one.

This doesn’t mean that The Point is responsible for every part of the project, just that it is their focus. When somebody wants to learn about the status of a project or suggest ideas, they go to The Point.

In these early stages, Evy and I are taking a very active role with the various project Points. We’re setting the direction for the company and ensuring that each Point is producing work that is consistent with the overall goals of the company. However, as we grow, it is our goal for the Points to become increasingly independent.

Why Have Points?

Look at the history of failed projects of all sorts and you’ll find that many lacked a clear point. They started as an idea and then maybe they were passed off to somebody to do. At that time, the project becomes someone’s ‘task’ or worse, a ‘chore.’ These types of projects often languish and die because nobody really cares about them. They have no Point.

Other projects fall into a limbo between points. They might be diffuse and lack focus. Lines of responsibility become blurred. When problems occur, fingers get pointed and nobody takes ownership. A successful project must have a single Point.

With a Point, everybody knows where the buck stops. They know who to go to to request features. Management knows who to talk to for status reports and to whom they should give direction. A point is THE focus of the project.

Perhaps more importantly, a Point is the person who loves the project. They nurture it and care for it. It is their baby. It is their role to ensure that the project grows up to reach its true potential.

THAT is The Point!


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