Posted by: OurKudos | April 9, 2011

Branding is difficult

Kurt Westenskow - My Brain Hurts


We’re working through some tough branding exercises now with our design whiz who is patiently holding our hand while we try to get our heads around the process.

Here’s the deal – OurKudos will have several websites, each with its own theme. We want to maintain the OurKudos brand throughout so that people connect all the sites to a single company and reinforce the brand. At the same time, each site should have its own personality that goes along with the unique service it offers.

While this may seem trivial, and the JFDI crowd might say we’re wasting valuable time on an academic exercise, we see this is as a fairly critical process. We’re going to be trying to create a positive, lasting impression on millions of people and that’s really difficult when you launch disparate brands. You end up competing with yourself. So we’re hunkering down and spending a few days while Sean mocks up bunches of variations. I’m confident that this will be worth it when we get to the other side, but for now? My brain hurts!



  1. A lot of start-ups do this in reverse – they develop the business and then focus on ‘lofty’ ideas like brand architecture. This always makes the branding process more difficult and costly. So, congrats on being visionary. The headache will definitely be worth it – it helps the business owners articulate the ideas, identity of and issues that will define the business. It is a process of discovery and creation.

    • Thanks ‘Elinor’. We had started down a couple separate paths and fortunately, our designer (who is so much more!) urged us to take a step back.
      It is indeed a process of discovery and creation!

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