Posted by: OurKudos | April 8, 2011


What’s MyKudos?

MyKudos is a blog for the members of the OurKudos team. It’s a place to share the unique experiences one gets from being part of a startup, because sometimes, you know, you just need to get it out there.

So it’s fitting that I start this blog, exhausted after what is undoubtedly the most tiring, yet exhilarating week I’ve had in years. You see, this last week, OurKudos went from three people working hard to get the ball rolling to seven entrepreneurs running at full sprint towards a goal not far away.

While this may not seem like much, when we read headlines every day about internet startups going from one person in a college dorm to 1,000 people buying prime Silicon Valley real estate, to me, it’s a big deal. It represents a critical evolution from crawling to taking baby steps.

On top of pulling together a team from diverse locations around the world, we’ve been struck by some personal issues and losses. A few days ago, my 90 year old father (who still works every day) was rushed to the hospital after being unable to get up for two hours due to a clogged carotid artery. And just hours ago, a dear friend died, after having serious medical issues that plagued him for years. Yes – it has been a long week.

It is only fitting that I send Kudos to my best friend, wife and partner, Evy – the person who opened my heart up and showed me a new world of giving and love.


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